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Roy chiu dating

It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. When Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin, the adorable leading couple in The Princess Weiyoung, recently confirmed that they are a romantic couple in real life, fans couldn't be happier for them.

But, did you know it hasn't been easy for Tiffany to find true love?

Somewhere Rainie Yang and Chen Qiao En are laughing their heads off, but I only say this because what happens between two people in a private relationship is really no one’s business.The actress also expressed publicly in a previous interview that she finds him handsome, polite and caring, which sparked rumours that the two of them are more than just friends. On the other hand, his manager stated that the rumour is not even considered newsworthy for them to give any response. On the other hand, Chen, who was asked whether it is possible for their friendship to turn into love, exclaimed, "No way! It was reported that Chen previously expressed her admiration for Roy after watching his performance in "Golden Darling". He emphatically denied the feeding rumors and said nothing is going on between him and Tia, they are just friends from having filmed two long dramas together.When asked about rumored long standing girlfriend Tang Yan, Roy stated outright that he’s single right now.

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The two had already co-starred three times previously: Naturally, they have become the hot topic for romance watchers over the years, but the two only admitted to being friends and never confirmed any serious relationship.

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