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It was not until the end of January this year that New Orleans prosecutors, who for years hid evidence proving Jones's innocence, finally announced they would not seek a retrial, following his victory on appeal.

Incredibly, the manhunt that led him to spend more than half his life in jail was backed by a British newspaper, The Sun.

In winter 2015, Trine merged the Ketner School of Business and Allen School of Engineering and Technology to form the College of Engineering and Business, melding the collaborative learning experience for engineering and business students.

Students partner on real projects for the private sector to promote understanding of how the two disciplines work together in industry.

"The Princeton Review" has named Trine a Best Midwestern College each year since 2008.

In one part, the researchers looked at the top 20 actresses on IMDb and found that they tend to have rocky marriages.

In another, women were asked to judge the attractiveness of 238 men based on their high school yearbook photos from 30 years ago.

“Eventually, I was dreading getting dinner with them because they couldn’t carry a conversation.” According to new research, Rochkind’s ideas about sexy bikini babes are correct.

A multipart study from Harvard University, University of La Verne and Santa Clara University researchers found that beautiful people are more likely to be involved in unstable relationships.

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When it came to dating in New York as a 30-something executive in private equity, Dan Rochkind had no problem snagging the city’s most beautiful women.

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